10 incredibly weak moments from the strongest Naruto characters

Some of strongest Naruto characters in the franchise are occasionally made to appear weaker than they actually were because the plot requires it.

Incredibly Weak Moments From The Strongest Naruto Characters

This can be a result of inconsistent writing, or it might be due to the plot elements employed to promote a more powerful character and keep the show exciting.

This article will discuss 10 instances in which the strongest Naruto characters appeared unexpectedly frail.

1 Itachi’s Genjutsu works on Orochimaru.

Sanin is not a title that Orochimaru and his old companions suddenly acquired. They had to demonstrate that they were among the greatest Shinobi to have ever lived in order to obtain it. In Naruto’s world, they had long been revered and feared by all the elemental countries.

A powerful creature like Orochimaru ought to be able to counteract any Genjutsu, however it doesn’t appear that this is the case.

Sanin, a snake, was easily fooled by Uchiha when he attempted to take over Itachi’s body. Itachi’s immense power was perfectly on display at this time, yet for a formidable Shinobi like Orochimaru, it appeared out of character.

2. Kamui cannot be used by Ten-tails Obito

The Juubi, or Ten-tails, was nothing more than a huge ball of chakra that desired to obliterate all in its path, unlike the other Bijuu that existed. Anyone who could control the beast and absorb its might would become one of the universe’s most powerful beings. Since Obito was one of the few individuals to accomplish this, he ought to have been invincible.

But he had a glaring flaw that interfered with his combat technique. He was completely unable to use his Kamui, and he implied that the Sage of Six Paths Chakra was to blame. However, Madara used the ability without any problems when he stole Kakashi’s eye and got the Kamui.

Fans began to wonder why, aside from making him appear weaker than Madara, Obito could not have used this power.

3. Madara vs Five Kages

Madara Completely Destroyed The Five Kages Image Via Masashi Kishimoto Shueisha Viz Media Naruto Shippuden

Given that a whole town depends on the Five Kages’ strength, they must be strong individuals. Fighting a Kage carries a death penalty for the majority of ninjas in the Shinobi World. Most Naruto characters consider it to be pure fantasy to be able to fight the five at once.

But during the Fourth Great Shinobi War, that is just what Madara did. Despite being among the world’s top ninjas in terms of strength, the Kages never had a chance against Madara. This was certainly effective in building up Madara as the final antagonist, but it also made the Kage seem like typical Shinobis.

4. Baki executes Hayate

Hayate Should Have Been Able To Do More Against Baki

Because he died at Baki’s hands early in the franchise, Hayate was not frequently seen. Even Kakashi expressed his sorrow over his passing because he was a skilled swordsman and a highly regarded Shinobi.

During the Chunin exams, Gaara’s teacher (Baki) easily dispatched him while they were fighting. Hayate was completely defenseless as Baki’s Blade of Wind completely overpowered Konoha’s Tokubetsu Jonin. This gave Baki the appearance of being a serious threat to Konoha, making Hayate appear incredibly weak in comparison.

5. Itachi defeats Kakashi

Kakashi is one of Naruto’s sharpest and strongest characters, as he frequently demonstrates throughout the program. He engaged in combat with some of the most challenging foes the Shinobi World has to offer and consistently prevailed.

Whatever the case, Kakashi appeared to be a weak Genin facing a much stronger opponent during his battle with Itachi. Their hand-to-hand combat abilities were comparable, but Kakashi lost the fight the instant Itachi summoned his Sharingan.

He was struggling to survive while confined inside Itachi’s Tsukuyomi. While demonstrating Itachi’s might once more, Kakashi did not look good in this situation.

6. Obito vs. Konan

Konan Never Stood A Chance

Konan wasn’t as strong as Nagato, but she was by no means a weakling either. Throughout Akatsuki’s invasion of Konoha, she won the majority of her battles and easily overcame formidable opponents like Sasori.

She remained in Amegakure after Nagato passed away because she knew Obito would soon come looking for her. Fans anticipated a spectacular battle in which Konan could unleash all of her might; however, Obito engaged the Kunoichi in a one-sided duel without giving her an opportunity to defend herself.

After this battle, Obito’s might began to garner more attention, while Konan died in disgrace.

7. Orochimaru murders Rasa

Rasa Did Not Even React To The Attack

Given his status as one of the all-time greatest users of Magnet Release, observers would not anticipate that the Fourth Kazekage would engage in a combat without proper preparation. The One-tailed beast, a monster he imprisoned inside his own son, could be easily overpowered by his Gold Dust, which had superior strength.

Prior to Orochimaru’s invasion of Konoha, Rasa formed an alliance with the snake Sanin to assault Konoha collectively in an effort to make his village appear more powerful. There was no opposition when Orochimaru assassinated Sunagakure’s commander because he had other plans. It is incredible to consider how quickly a man with Kage’s level of strength would have fallen.

8. Obito had authority over Yagura

The majority of former Kages on Naruto appear to be significantly weaker than they ought to be. Yagura is another ideal illustration of a Shinobi who attained the highest level attainable for a ninja, yet still lost like he was still an academy student, with Rasa.

Yagura was a cruel and heartless person who wished to make monsters to defend his village. He engaged in combat with Obito during his time of terror, who easily prevailed and imprisoned the Mizukage in a Genjutsu that forced him to carry out all of Obito’s commands.

Yagura’s strength as a Kage and a Jinchuriki ought to have caused Obito some difficulty, but this was definitely not the case in the end.

9. Juzo was impaled to death by his own sword

Not Many Fans Remember Juzo

Considering that only the most powerful renegade Shinobi are permitted to join the group, the members of Akatuski should never be taken lightly in a combat. Juzo was Itachi’s long-forgotten former companion and one of the Seven Mist Swordmen.

Juzo and Itachi were attacked by Yagura and his forces following a successful mission in Kirigakure. Itachi outmatched Yagura, who had to go into his Two-tails fighting style to continue the battle. He unleashed a Bijudama that squarely hit Juzo’s weapon.

He was pierced by the fractured portion of his sword and instantly passed away. Juzo did not appear to be prepared for the task, even though he was a part of the group that sought to capture Jinchurikis.

10. Hanzo vs the Six Paths of Pain

Hanzo Did Not Even Try To Fight Back

The Second Great Shinobi War’s most dreaded character was Hanzo of the Salamander. His very name was enough to make his adversaries shudder. Because of his superhuman strength and weaponry prowess, he was a monster that controlled Amegakure. After facing up against this formidable foe and only narrowly escaping with a victory over him, the famous Sanin acquired their nicknames.

Hanzo’s power ought to have been adequate to dislodge entire armies by himself, given that he vanquished all three of the Sanin when they were young. However, despite being a legendary Shinobi, Hanzo was quickly dispatched by the Six Paths of Pain. As a result, Nagato became a greater threat to the Shinobi World, but Hanzo’s buzz was quickly destroyed.

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