Best Chainsaw Man battles

Chainsaw Man’s anime adaption has so far been a resounding hit. The 12-episode anime adaptation of Tatsuki Fujimoto’s popular action-horror manga sets the tone of the series perfectly with its gorgeous animation, quick pacing, and intense action. It is produced by studio MAPPA and directed by Jujutsu Kaisen veteran Ry Nakayama.

Chainsawman Ep Bat Fight

When it comes to the Devils, the otherworldly foes that Denji and company battle against regularly throughout the course of the book, the manga is renowned for its violent, gory action scenes and magnificent character designs. And from what it seems like, the studio MAPPA anime adaptation of Chainsaw Man exhibits no signs of shirking off in that department, with Kiyotaka Oshiyama (Devilman Crybaby, Space Dandy) handling the design of the Devils and Tatsuya Yoshihara (Jujutsu Kaisen, Black Clover) serving as the series’ action scenes’ director.

As the first season goes on, we’ll be breaking down the most notable battle scenes in Chainsaw Man and updating our list. Let’s get started without further delay.

EP. 3 “MEOWY’S WHEREABOUTS” of Chainsaw Man vs. the Bat Devil

Chainsaw Man Ep Bat Devil Finale

If you follow one easy rule, it will always make your life better, whether you’re living online or in the world of Chainsaw Man: Don’t mess with cats. The Bat Devil violated this rule, and as a result, he left a pavement stain in the form of a bat.

Chainsaw Man’s third episode’s director, Hironori Tanaka, is known for his bloody and beautiful battle scenes, as evidenced by his work on Kizumonogatari I: Tekketsu, Mob Psycho 100 II, and Jujutsu Kaisen, among other films. In the fight between Chainsaw Man and the Bat Devil, which occurs both (temporarily) on the ground and in the air, those sensibilities are on full display as Denji deftly dodges several attacks, avoids several cars and boulders before tossing them back, all before charging in for the kill and slicing his way along the Devil’s arm before bursting out through his back in a shower of entrails. Denji is skilled at making entrances and exits, if there is one thing she knows how to do.


Chainsaw Man Devil Zombie

Denji first appears as the human-Devil hybrid Chainsaw Man in the series’ concluding episode, “Dog & Chainsaw,” when he battles the show’s first significant foe, the Zombie Devil. After being dogpiled by a horde of zombies, Denji emerges from the pile as Chainsaw Man, a warrior with yellow eyes and bare chests who has chainsaw blades sticking out of his arms and forehead. He looks like a cross between a Hellraiser Cenobite and a man in the hardware section of Home Depot. After a brief pause, Denji immediately springs into action, slicing through the Zombie Devil’s defense line of droning bodies before sprinting to use his head-mounted chainsaw and arm blades to sever the Devil’s skull.

When the Zombie Devil, in a fit of pain-induced desperation, snatches Chainsaw Man with one of his entrail tentacles tossing him across the floor and smashing into a nearby concert support beam, it is one of the fight’s most memorable moments and can be seen briefly in the third series trailer. It’s an astounding, dynamic sequence made possible by deft key animation and stunning 3D camera mapping.


Denji Aki Kick Chainsaw Man

Denji defeats his newly assigned partner, Aki Hayakawa, in a fight in Chainsaw Man episode 2, “Arrival in Tokyo,” by repeatedly kicking him in the balls. a cunning strategy? Absolutely. a successful method of resolving disputes? Unquestionably in this instance. Hey, if Terry McGinnis in Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker thought it was good enough, Denji should too.

This argument serves as a crucial turning point in Denji and Aki’s relationship because it highlights both of their original dislike for one another as coworkers as well as their reluctant respect for one another, which would eventually turn into a sort of trust and friendship. Sometimes brothers simply have to fight before they can be brothers, guy.


Power Sea Cumcumber Devil Fight Chainsaw Man

The climactic battle between Power and the alleged Sea Cucumber Devil at the close of episode 2, “Arrival in Tokyo,” lasts for around two and a half seconds and is undoubtedly among Chainsaw Man’s fastest battles, if not its goriest.

The episode introduces Power, a former Devil turned Fiend (i.e., a human body possessed by a Devil) who is tasked as Denji’s field companion, as well as Aki Hayakawa, Denji’s aforementioned coworker and a fellow Public Safety Devil Hunter. Power is brutal, harsh, and unpredictable; it rushes into danger at the first sign of offense. She practically beats an opponent to a pulp and laughs while bathing in their entrails, which is the best possible introduction to her persona. Barbarian Conan would be pleased.

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