Black Clover: Ranking the 10 strongest Magic Knights team members

One of the most interesting things about the Black Clover series for fans is comparing and contrasting how powerful the Magic Knights team members have become over the course of the series. Even though the rank of Magic Knight squad Captains and Vice-Captains has mostly stayed the same as the series has gone on, there have been some big changes below these ranks.

Characters who once thought they were on their way out of Black Clover’s fight scene are now among the top ten fighters in the series. Even though there are a lot of good arguments for other characters, there is no doubt that ten of the Magic Knights stand out as having special skills and being strong.

Here are Black Clover’s 10 strongest Magic Knights team members, excluding the Captains and Vice-Captains, in order from weakest to strongest.

List of Black Clover’s 10 strongest Magic Knights team members

10) Gauche Adlai

Gauche Adlai

Gauche Adlai’s Mirror Magic has come in handy time and time again throughout Black Clover. Especially when working with Asta, the sister-obsessed mage’s skills are a must-have. Using various reflective techniques, she can make an exact copy of a target that looks so real it’s shocking.

Even though he isn’t as strong as he is when he is a supporter, he can hold his own in one-on-one combat with a few spells that are only offensive. But because he is more useful in a supporting role, he is ranked as the least powerful of the 10 best, which is still an impressive accomplishment.

9) Klaus Lunettes

Klaus Lunettes

As a nobleman and a member of the Golden Dawn, Black Clover’s Klaus Lunettes is an impressive fighter in the series. His Steel Magic is shown to be both very powerful and very flexible, able to be used in many different ways without losing its strength.

Also, as a nobleman, he has a lot of mana, which is a key factor in comparing the strengths of the characters in the series. Even though it’s not quite good enough to move up to the top of the series’ best, just being in the list is an accomplishment.

8) Leopold Vermillion

Leopold Vermillion

Leopold Vermillion’s status as a nobleman also gives him access to some of Black Clover’s best mana reserves. When combined with his Fire Magic and True Fire Magic, he has the potential to be one of the most destructive mages in the series.

He’s also always compared to Asta, which shows that Leopold is likely another young Magic Knight who will stand out as the years go by. Even though fans haven’t seen him in action in a long time, it’s likely safe to say that he’s one of the ten strongest Magic Knights in the series right now.

7) Luck Voltia

Luck Voltia

Luck Voltia is definitely one of Black Clover’s ten strongest Magic Knights. This is especially true now that she has been training in the Mana Method. Just the destructive power of his Lightning Magic is almost enough to make sure of this, as it naturally lends itself to beating enemies with pure strength.

Using Mana Method to get True Lightning Magic only makes this worse, as we saw in his short fight against Svenkin. There’s not much doubt that he not only deserves to be on this list but also a spot well above the cutoff.

6) Magna Swing

Magna Swing

Especially after Black Clover’s Spade Kingdom Raid arc, Magna Swing is definitely one of the 10 strongest Magic Knights in the Clover Kingdom. Once it’s done right, his Soul Chain Deathmatch technique lets him take on almost any opponent. He even used it to beat devil host Dante Zogratis.

Also, the technique lets him become and stay important throughout the rest of the series without making him too strong and impossible to beat. It’s the perfect spell to boost a character’s strength, which Magna has done to great effect.

5) Vanessa Enoteca

Vanessa Enoteca

Vanessa Enoteca’s main strength in Black Clover comes from her various support role skills, especially the Red Thread of Fate spell. This technique lets her use her mana to rewrite reality and undo attacks on allies. This gives her and her allies a better chance of winning the battle.

Her strength also comes from her Thread Magic, which has been shown to be just as useful in a supporting role as it is in a confrontational one. But Vanessa’s high ranking here is mostly due to how powerful she can be when she’s just a support character.

4) Mimosa Vermillion

Vanessa Enoteca Mimosa Vermillion

In a similar way, Mimosa Vermillion is likely one of, if not the strongest, support fighters among Black Clover’s Magic Knights. Her healing skills are so powerful and wide-ranging that she can heal the wounds of a large group or just one person in about the same amount of time.

Also, she has been shown to have some very powerful offensive spells, which are perfect for her back-of-the-battlefield role and position. With this, she can both heal the wounded and help those fighting on the front lines by giving them supporting fire.

3) Langris Vaude

Langris Vaude

Finral Roulacase is Black Clover’s best support Spatial Mage. His brother Langris Vaude, on the other hand, uses the attribute only to attack. Langris’ Spatial Magic is often said to be the most powerful in the series. It even earned the respect of Zenon Zogratis and Beelzebub.

The destructive power of his Spatial Magic is also unmatched by almost any other ability in the series. He can literally and easily tear away chunks of reality with it. Few magic abilities in the series are as destructive, and those that are are almost always Arcane Stage or higher. This shows how powerful Langris is.

2) Noelle Silva

Noelle Silva

In terms of the higher stages of Black Clover’s power system, Noelle Silva’s recent debut of her Saint Stage abilities solidifies her as one of the strongest Magic Knights. Together with her noblewoman mana reserves, she has slowly trained her skills and become even more powerful as the series has gone on.

After the Spade Kingdom Raid arc, it’s hard to argue that she isn’t the strongest Magic Knight. Even though she isn’t number one, she’s definitely closer to it than anyone else on this list.

1) Asta


The strongest Magic Knight in Black Clover, though, is without a doubt Asta, the main character of the series. From the start, his Anti-Magic aura gave him the upper hand against his enemies, making it easy for him to dodge attacks and smash through any magic-based defense.

By improving his skills and learning more about his powers, he’s become one of the most powerful characters in the series and the most powerful Magic Knight who isn’t Captain Magic Knight. As the last part of the series starts, he wants to see how he measures up to his ultimate goal, the Wizard King.

Fans are pretty sure that, even if there are hiccups along the way, Asta will prove that he is the strongest Magic Knight, Captains included.

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