Chainsaw Man episode 9: Makima’s contracts are explained, Kobeni shows off her stuff

Chainsaw Man episode 9 came out on Tuesday, December 6, 2022. It showed how Tokyo Special Division 4 got back at the people who hurt them. After a quick review of what happened with Denji’s group in the last episode, fans see Denji fight Katana Man. Then Makima comes back to life in some way.

In Chainsaw Man episode 9, Makima also uses her Devil contracts, which are some of the scariest powers we’ve seen so far. In this episode, Kobeni Higashiyama also gets a chance to shine, which shows that Himeno was right to hire her in the first place.

In Chainsaw Man episode 9, Denji and Kobeni use Makima’s magic to fight off the Tokyo shooters.

Chainsaw Man episode 9: Chainsaw vs. Katan

Chainsaw Man Episode

Chainsaw Man episode 9 starts with a short summary of the last episode, focusing mostly on Himeno’s death and how the Snake Devil was called and then left. Katana Man tells the blonde teen girl that the Fiend ran away. She says that it doesn’t matter because they’re after Chainsaw’s heart anyway.

The Ghost Devil’s hand then moves over to Denji and pulls his ripcord, which makes him come back to life. Katana Man says that he will cut Denji in half this time, but the teen girl tells him not to hurt the heart. Denji, on the other hand, says he doesn’t know what’s going on, but he’s sure that the two of them are bad guys, which makes him happy because he can kill them and no one will care.

After Katana Man tries to get him to fight back, Denji rushes him as the opening music and visuals for Chainsaw Man episode 9 play. When the fans see the girl again, one of her fingernails seems to be gone, and she introduces herself as Sawatari over the radio to another team.

Sawatari then confirms that they are working with Chainsaw and asks for help. Denji and Katana Man are also fighting, but neither one of them seems to be able to get the upper hand. Shortly after that, some of the Katana Man’s friends show up and start shooting Denji with pistols. Katana Man tells them to aim for his arms and heart, but Denji is able to stop them before they do.

Chainsaw Man Episode

Then Katana Man comes at Denji again, and when Denji isn’t looking, he cuts him. One of the thugs on the ground starts shooting at Denji. Denji takes him as a hostage and teases Katana Man. But in Chainsaw Man episode 9, Katana Man goes into his crouched position and reappears behind Denji after he and his goon have been cut in half at the waist.

Katana Man then picks up Denji’s body by the chainsaw handle in his head and tells one of his goons to get the car. He then tells Sawatari to hurry up before saying that all of Denji’s friends should be dead. Then, his Katana Man form disappears, and he says that Devil Hunters are still people and that they can’t beat guns.

Chainsaw Man episode 9 then shows the bodies or what’s left of everyone who was attacked except Kobeni Higashiyama from Tokyo Special Division 4. The scene ends with Makima on the shinkansen, where her attackers are planning to move through the other cars and look like regular people. But Makima shockingly gets up behind one of them and seems to be alive, even though she is hurt.

Chainsaw Man episode 9 goes to black as one of the attackers pulls out a gun. It then comes back on at the Kyoto train station, where a man and a woman waiting as Devil Hunters. Someone who calls her Tendo comes up to her and tells her that Special Divisions 1 through 4 are going to be attacked in Tokyo.

The man asks if Makima is dead, but Tendo says they’ve been wasting their time. The train then gets there before them, and people run away as the sirens go off. Then, in Chainsaw Man episode 9, Makima gets off the train alive and well and says hello to Kurose, the man who is Devil Hunter, and Tendo.

Episode 9 of Chainsaw Man: Makima’s contracts

Chainsaw Man Episode

After Makima tells them to move the bodies from the shooting, the two ask her if she was shot. She says she wasn’t hit and that the blood on her isn’t her own. Chainsaw Man episode 9 then shows the inside of the train, where Makima’s shooters are dead in a pool of blood with holes the size of dinner plates in their chests.

Kurose and Tendo tell Makima that they are still figuring out how many people have died, and Kurose asks if they should go to Tokyo as backup. Makima says they won’t make it in time and figures out that the enemy is probably after Denji. She says she will do what she can from Kyoto. She tells Kurose to get 30 prisoners with life sentences or worse from the Ministry of Justice and Tendo to find the closest temple at the highest altitude.

She also asks for a clean set of clothes as the episode cuts to a scene from the anime that shows the prisoners being moved. They are seen eating processed snacks and asking where they are going. The police officer driving them tells them to be quiet.

In Chainsaw Man episode 9, Makima changes her clothes at the shrine and gets ready to “do what she can from Kyoto” as the prisoners arrive. At the same time, the survivors of Katana Man’s attack team are putting Denji in the van. Katana Man tells Sawatari that he will be out of action for a while, which she agrees with but doesn’t say anything about.

Suddenly, a crow is heard as one of the guys goes to pick up Denji. This seems to scare him, because he says that something is strange. Then, his head is crushed, and the rest of his body is smashed into blood on the floor. Sawatari then calls Team E to ask Team C to confirm again that Makima is dead. When the lone man on Team E tells Sawatari that Team C hasn’t gotten back to them, the same thing happens to him.

As the scene changes to Kyoto, Sawatari curses Makima. Makima has her elbows fully out to her sides and is putting one hand on top of the other. As Kurose and Tendo are blindfolded, spooky music plays in the background.

Tendo explains that Makima works directly for the Chief Cabinet Secretary and that low-level Devil Hunters don’t have the right to know about her contracts. Makima then kneels in front of one of the prisoners and asks them to say the name Shuzo Mishima, which they do. She then stands up and twists her hands as she puts her palms back on top of each other.

In between these scenes, there are shots of the area around Denji’s body in Tokyo, where a man named Shuzu Mishima dies in a similar way to those above. Makima moves on to the next prisoner and makes him say his name is Takashi Inoue. He then does the same thing to another of Katana Man’s friends.

As shots of Makima come and go, the same thing happens with the rest of the thugs. One of them even takes a woman hostage. Makima’s ability, on the other hand, only hurts the person she was aiming at. The hostage was not hurt. Then, in Chainsaw Man episode 9, Sawatari and Katana Man can’t believe Makima is still alive.

Chainsaw Man, Episode 9: Aftermath of the attack and withheld information

Meanwhile, Chainsaw Man episode 9 shows that all of the prisoners have died, and Makima tells Tendo and Kurose to take off their blindfolds. The two are shocked by what just happened, and she tells them happily that this is all she can do from Kyoto and that she needs to go back to Tokyo.

Chainsaw Man Episode

Then, Chainsaw Man episode 9 goes back to Tokyo, where Sawatari tells them to run away while they still can. But then Kobeni Higashiyama shows up holding a knife and a walkie-talkie. Then, a flashback shows how Arai was shot in the neck and saved Kobeni by standing between the shooter and Kobeni.

Kobeni is completely shocked by this turn of events. In the present, she asks Sawatari and Katana Man if they are with the shooters. Sawatari then calls on the Snake Devil to show that every time she uses it, she loses one of her fingernails. But Kobeni dodges the Snake Devil’s attack perfectly by running along its body and rushing Katana Man, cutting off his arm in the process.

She then grabs his gun, which had flown away when his arm was cut off, and shoots him twice in the back while Sawatari shoots back. Kobeni then grabs Denji and uses him as a shield, which makes Sawatari hurry Katana Man into the van and drive away. Kobeni, on the other hand, keeps shooting at Sawatari, but he is not able to kill him.

She doesn’t have any more bullets, so she watches as they run away. In Chainsaw Man episode 9, she says she’s sorry for trying to kill Denji the other day. She then laughs, as if at herself, and asks who would apologize for trying to kill someone. As she does this, shots of Arai’s body falling to the ground play, and she then rushes the shooter and makes him shoot himself.

Present Kobeni starts to cry, and then she says that she is to blame for Arai’s death because he was protecting her. She says she can’t keep being a Devil Hunter and will tell Himeno the next time she sees her that she’s giving up.

Chainsaw Man episode 9 then jumps to a place in Tokyo where Makima, Tendo, and Kurose are being approached by the Division 4 Devil Hunter with glasses. Makima calls him Madoka and asks him who is still alive. He tells her that most people in Divisions 1–4 are dead, except for the non-humans.

Chainsaw Man Episode

Makima figures out that the Gun Devil is involved, and Madoka tells him that Divisions 1, 2, and 3 are merging with Division 4, and Makima is in charge of the new group. She doesn’t say anything, but Tendo and Kurose are shocked. This makes Madoka give her his resignation letter. He says that he feels like he has to quit or be killed, and the two of them just look at each other.

Then Makima starts to walk away, but Madoka stops him and asks how much of what happened today Makima had already planned for. She tells him that she can’t give civilians information about public safety and thanks him for his service before leaving.

Tendo and Kurose follow her and remind her that they are not joining Division 4, but are only there to help train the members. They say they will go back to Kyoto in a week, which Makima thinks is a shame because “the food in Tokyo is to die for.” After Makima’s dark and grim line, episode 9 of Chainsaw Man plays its ending theme and shows its ending scene.

Episode 9 of Chainsaw Man: To sum up

Chainsaw Man episode 9 is, like almost every episode since the Eternity Devil arc began, a new high for the show in every way, including how well it adapts the manga. Fans also see that the story of the show keeps turning and twisting. For example, Makima’s lies to Tendo and Kurose are scary to watch as they happen.

Chainsaw Man Episode

In Chainsaw Man episode 9, Kobeni Higashiyama also wins over a lot of fans. Her actions in this episode are seen as a sort of redemption by those who didn’t like her before. Ironically, fans also see Power run away in this episode, leaving Denji and Aki to die, which shows both of their true selves in one episode.

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