Chainsaw Man’s final trailer shows snippets of the main characters and a lot of amazing animation.

In the wee hours of September 19, 2022, Chainsaw Man’s final trailer for the upcoming series was published, bringing with it some intriguing casting news regarding the series by introducing Kenjiro Tsuda as Kishibe.

Chainsaw Mans Final Trailer

His performance has received praise from the audience, who also praised the preview’s opening casting surprise.

Fans of the manga Chainsaw Man who are eager to watch the anime adaptation are also praising the trailer for showcasing even more of the beautiful animation in the movie. Fans appear to have responded more favorably to the third trailer for the show compared to the first two, seeing nearly no flaws in it.

Follow along as the most recent trailer for the anime Chainsaw Man is thoroughly dissected in this post.

Chainsaw Man’s final trailer has Kishibe’s introductory scene, the opening song, and more.

The thorough analysis

The opening scene of Chainsaw Man’s final trailer takes place in the cross-headstone cemetery, which manga fans will likely remember fondly from their numerous visits throughout the series. After that, viewers can hear Kishibe from Kenjiro Tsuda say that the hunters who Devils really fear “are the ones who have a screw loose.”

The image immediately changes to a bouquet of flowers on the ground in front of a cemetery when Kishibe is displayed during the dialogue. You never know what a crazy person is going to do, continued Kishibe. After that, he asks, “Devils or humans: whose side are you on?” hinting that this is probably his official meeting with Denji and Power.

The MAPPA Studios logo emerges as a bunch of crows can be seen soaring around in the sky above as the camera moves focus to the skies above as he says this. The next scene shows Makima conversing to someone while wearing a happy smile and her fingers intertwined, as Aki Hayakawa waits outside a building for her.

Since Public Safety has received a request for an extermination, she announces that her division, Public Safety Devil Extermination Special Division 4, would be sending six operatives. Before the scene switches to Aki punching Denji in an alley when they first team up, Aki, Himeno, Hirokazu Arai, and Kobeni Higashiyama briefly make an appearance amidst what appears to be a damaged structure.

He claims that even though they are devils, they are Devil Hunters and should be put to work. The voice of Himeno is then heard in the Chainsaw Man trailer. She asks Aki if he believes any of the four rookies have a chance of survival as soon as her face shows. The action then switches to a shaken Kobeni declaring that they will all perish in what appears to be a motel.

The Chainsaw Man video then depicts Power talking about her love for blood and describing how “warm and lovely” it feels in one of her flashbacks from later in the series. Then, a Denji from the beginning of the series with an eyepatch and a Pochita chainsaw appears. The Tomato Devil will be attacked by the two.

He claims he didn’t consider the consequences before beginning his devil hunting career, but he doesn’t care if he dies as long as he can continue to enjoy the kind of life that his work with Special Division 4 permits. Immediately after saying this, a scene showing Denji eating plain bread in his hut with Pochita changes to show him eating the three-jam-and-butter toast breakfast he makes in the first episode of the series.

As he eats into it, his expression brightens, and then the Chainsaw Man trailer cuts to him in the streets of Tokyo, evidently getting ready to sever his cord and transform into Chainsaw Man. The following scene shows him as Chainsaw Man evading an assault in a wonderfully drawn scene.

The teaser immediately switches between Denji fighting the Zombie Devil and the Bat Devil as Kenji Yonezu’s KICKBACK, the series’ opening theme, starts to play. In either fight, Denji’s assaults as Chainsaw Man are quickly cut back and forth, highlighting the high caliber of the animation.

Soon after, in the trailer, Power is seen leaping to the ground from a rooftop, creating a hammer with the aid of her Blood Devil powers, and joining an unnoticed battle. Before Denji’s final battle with the Leech Devil starts, more footage of him fighting the Bat Devil plays. Due to Denji’s missing arm in his base form, it is clear that the snippet is from a later stage of the battle.

The Special Division 4 members are shown in a brief montage, with Kobeni, Power, Denji, and Makima all making appearances. Then, a series of close-ups appear, showing what appear to be Denji’s eyes, the Bat Devil’s, Power’s, Aki’s, the Zombie Devil’s, an unidentified blonde-haired person, and Makima’s.

The next scene in the trailer depicts Denji in his Chainsaw Man form standing in a warehouse next to a bloody scene and numerous dead victims. Before the Chainsaw Man trailer swiftly shifts to Denji’s battle with the Zombie Devil once more, Makima approaches and hugs him. Then, more images of Denji battling the Bat Devil and the Leech Devil are shown.

Denji complains how “despite all of this garbage” he has been as patient as possible, yet he hasn’t been able to “cop a feel yet” as the scenes against the Bat Devil unfold. Fans see a stunningly animated transformation scenario as he concludes his speech, in which Denji pulls his ripcord and chainsaws fly out of his arms, surrounded by exquisitely drawn arcs of blood.

He adopts a combative attitude and exclaims that he hasn’t yet “copped a feel” as the trailer comes to an end. Next, a blue background with a quickly changing red foreground with the Chainsaw Man emblem appears. The series’ midnight October 11, 2022, launch is once again confirmed in the teaser before it ends.

In conclusion

Easily the greatest so far is the third and final Chainsaw Man trailer. Compared to the previous two, it has a lot more spoken parts. Aside from that, it also introduces Kenjiro Tsuda as Kishibe, who is undoubtedly one of the most well-known casting decisions for the show. The introduction of the opening theme has also garnered praise from viewers, who praise it for being a wonderful fit for the show.

The excellent animation of the battle scenes in the most recent teaser is also being praised by fans. While the first two trailers had their fair share of action, this third one seemed to go above and beyond in terms of both the quantity and caliber of the animated scenes.

Overall, the most recent trailer appears to be the greatest so far and is now the most successful at igniting fan excitement for the start of the series. Fans are now anxiously awaiting the arrival of Denji and friends on television with just three more weeks to go.

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