Demon Slayer: #10 interesting facts that you don’t know

Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba) is a very popular and successful series that has fans all over the world. It was praised for its two-sided plot and beautiful animation. Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba) is one of the biggest hits in the history of the shonen anime genre. Even though the story didn’t have anything new to say, fans loved it and gave it their support.

There are 10 Demon Slayer’s interesting facts you might not have known.

1 – Tanjiro’s Trauma Goes Deep

Tanjiros Trauma Goes Deep

“Whenever happiness is destroyed, there is always the smell of blood,” is a quote that fits Tanjiro well.
The second fan book says that this doesn’t mean that his mother and siblings died. Tanjiro is also the one who found his father as he was being thrown out of the blood and was about to die. He also found his grandmother while she was grieving. Once, when he was in the village, he smelled blood and saw that someone was dying. This gave him the chance to tell their family, so they could say “sayonara.”

2 – Tanjiro Demon Slayer Mark

Tanjiro Demon Slayer Mark

When the higher Moon Six demon Gyutaro attacked Tanjiro, his demon mark woke up for the first time. The second time it happened, Tanjiro was fighting Akaza from higher Moon three. This mark has shown to increase his speed, strength, and lightness, giving him a chance to beat strong monsters he wouldn’t have been ready to kill before.

3 – Inosuke’s Kasugai Crow Stays Hidden

Inosukes Kasugai Crow Stays Hidden

Like every other demon killer, Inosuke has a Kasugai Crow that tells him about his missions and other information. Inosuke’s crow, on the other hand, tries to stay hidden as much as possible. So, at least eighteen times, he tried to eat the poor Crow!

4 – What Muichiro has done

Muichiros Accomplishment

Tengen says that Muichiro and Hashira are two of the people who became demon killers after only two months of training and were able to beat Gyokko.

5 – Breathing like an insect

Insect Breath Style

Shinobu Kocho’s “Breath of Insect Style” might be related to the “Breath of Flower Style” and, by extension, the “Breath of Water Style.”

6 – Akaza Stays True To His Values

Akaza Sticks To His Morals

Even though Akaza doesn’t remember much about his life before he became a demon, he remembers enough to know that he doesn’t want to hurt or eat women. Because Muzan likes him so much, he lets him stick to his values. Most demons working for him don’t have this right.

7 – Genya Shinazugawa, the Demon Eater

Genya Shinazugawa Who Eats Demons

Genya Shinazugawa ate demon flesh to boost his own strength and learn how to use Blood Art techniques. This is probably dangerous for his health, so he should get regular checkups at the Butterfly Mansion to stay in good shape.

8 – Daki’s Original Name Shows How Mean She Used to Be

Dakis Original Name Reflects Her Cruel Past

Ume was Daki’s name before she turned into a demon. This may have a cute-sounding name, but it’s actually very sad. Her name comes from the illness that killed her mother. Her name reminds people of her sad past.

9 – How did Gyomei’s eyesight go bad?

How Did Gyomei Lose His Eyesight

You might have thought that Gyomei lost his sight while fighting a demon, but it was actually something much more common. He had a high fever when he was a child, which made him travel blind.

10 – Tengen & Inosuke

Tengen Inosuke

Tengen and Inosuke are the only so-called “demon killers” who use two nichirin blades instead of just one.

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