Key images from Dr. Stone season 3 have already been leaked

Dr. Stone: A key picture of New World got out early on Wednesday, December 7. It was supposed to be shown off at the anime’s Super Stage event at Jump Festa 2023, which will take place on December 17 and 18 and have several Super and Neo Stages.

Key Images From Dr Stone S Season Have Already Been Leaked

The third season of the hit anime, Dr. Stone: New World, will be out soon in the Spring 2023 anime season. Before it comes out, people who want to can watch Dr. Stone: Ryuusui, which came out on July 10, 2022.

Dr. Stone’s “New World” shows the journey of the Kingdom of Science.

A week before the Jump Festa 2023 event, a Twitter account called @shonenleaks leaked a key visual for the third season of Dr. Stone. The image doesn’t show much about the upcoming anime, though. But since the anime is going to have a Super Stage event at Jump Festa 2023, we can expect to hear more about it then.

On December 18, from 14:10 to 14:50, the series’ Super Stage event will take place. Live streaming of the same thing will be possible online. The voice actors for the anime’s main characters, Ishigami Senkuu (Yuusuke Kobayashi), Ryuusui Nanami (Suzuki Ryouta), Chrome (Gen Satou), and Gen Asagiri (Kengo Kawanishi), will also be at the event, along with the group Burnout Syndromes, who sang the theme song.

Fans can expect an anime to release a trailer for the third season about 40 minutes before the event. Up until now, all they had was a title confirmation video that also told them when the game would come out. Since the series is scheduled for the Spring 2023 anime season, fans can expect the first episode to air in April 2023.

Dr. Stone season 3: New World: What to expect?

The key visual that got out shows that the next anime season will be about the Kingdom of Science’s trip to the other side of the world. In Dr. Stone: Ryuusui, Senku’s plan was talked about in detail. He wanted to figure out what the green light that scared people 3000 years ago was all about.

Key Images From Dr Stone S Season Have Already Been Leaked

Senkuu thought the Petrification light came from the other side of the world, so he set out to find out where it came from. Senkuu and his team worked on building a ship in the special episode. After that, they found a skilled captain, Ryuusui Nanami, to lead them on their journey.

Key Images From Dr Stone S Season Have Already Been Leaked

Even though the Kingdom of Science had trouble getting fuel for the trip at first, they were able to get it by the end of the episode. So, in the next season, they will use everything they have gathered to find out more about the Petrification light.

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