My Hero Academia: why does Shigaraki have hands on his body?

Fans of the new My Hero Academia might be curious as to why Shigaraki wears some hands on his torso and head. After all, such a costume is undoubtedly bizarre. However, there is a real explanation for why he has so many hands as a fundamental aspect of his design, and it is one that has been covered in the series.

Shigaraki’s features are not the result of chance. Actually, they are all victims of his family members’ murders. The hands were embalmed by Kyudai Garaki so they wouldn’t vanish into oblivion. Fans of My Hero Academia believe that because of this, those hands lack the natural deterioration that comes with deceased bodies.

My Hero Academia Why Does Shigaraki Have Hands On His Body

In My Hero Academia, Shigaraki puts the hands of his deceased relatives on himself.

The design of a character typically has some sort of function. Such a claim holds true especially for the primary adversary, especially when it comes to an odd clothing like Tomura Shigaraki’s. Random bodily parts are not a common feature of villains’ designs.

Each hand in his case originates from a distinct person. The majority of the hands we observe touching him are actually members of his family.

Even the original owners of each hand are made clear in Chapter 270 of the My Hero Academia manga. Here is a list of each place:

Face: Koto Shimura (his father)
Back of head: Nana Shimura (his paternal grandmother)
Neck: Nao Shimura (his mother)
Upper arms: Chizuo (his maternal grandfather)
Elbows: Mako (his maternal grandmother)
Wrists: Hana Shimura (his sister)

It’s important to note that Shigaraki has other hands on him from persons he killed at random. The most crucial ones are listed above, and from a little twisted viewpoint it makes sense why he would never forget them.

Tomura Shigaraki’s destruction of his entire family is seen in the video up top. Even though everything happened extremely rapidly, there was enough time for it to unfold to reveal Shigaraki’s thoughts and the characteristics of his victims. Their hands survived, but the majority of their bodies eventually started to rot.

The majority of My Hero Academia fans can recall this emotional backstory, however newer fans may not have seen it yet. Shigaraki’s background isn’t revealed right away, so it makes sense that any new anime fan just starting to watch the show could have some questions.

Note that he doesn’t always have these hands on. All For One gives him these limbs before his confrontation with Re-Destro, but they are lost as the conflict goes on. He used to wear his father’s hand on his face, which was the major hand on his body.

Tomura was able to defeat Re-Destro in My Hero Academia in part because something that was once an essential component of his creation has since faded into memory.

From that point on, his appearance would vary slightly; the illustration shown above is from the Final War Arc, which took place a long time after his confrontation with Re-Destro.

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