One Piece: The Top 10 Strongest Characters in East Blue

Eiichiro Oda’s groundbreaking manga One Piece debuted as a serial in 1997 on Weekly Shonen Jump. Fans of the two-part series frequently complain that the first and second sections of the show are noticeably different in quality.

The East Blue Saga is the first chapter of the first half of the One Piece series. It details Luffy’s departure and the assembly of his initial crew before he boarded the illustrious Grand Line. This section of the story is well-liked by fans due to the enjoyable combat and the poignant scenes it contains.

The newly discovered Strawhat Pirates faced numerous obstacles during the East Blue Saga. They were frequently able to hand them resounding defeats. However, Strawhat’s members occasionally had to contend with challenges from other story characters, whose overwhelming strength posed a serious threat.

Ten of the most powerful East Blue characters will be listed in this topic. It should be remembered that both Strawhat Pirates and their enemies made up the pool from which these characters were drawn.

10. Hatchan

Hatchan Once Piece

Hatchan is an ex-member of the Arlong Pirates and an octopus fish-man. He embarked on a number of adventures following the defeat of his crew in the East Blue Saga, which eventually caused him to undergo a personality change and turn into a friend of the Strawhat Pirates. Hatchan was not just the second best swordsman on Fishmen Island, but the strongest officer at Arlong’s disposal.

Generally speaking, fish-men are ten times more powerful than average people. Hatchan is a well-known member of his race and strong enough to defeat several other fish-men single-handedly. He can move quickly while carrying six cutlasses that each weigh more than 300 kg, demonstrating his incredible physical strength.

Hatchan was no match for Roronoa Zoro, who quickly outperformed him despite his powers.

9. Buggy

Buggy One Piece

As an apprentice in Roger Pirates, Buggy began his career as a pirate (with Shanks) and eventually rose to the position of captain of his own crew. He was able to develop a reputation as a powerful and dangerous pirate via sometimes hilarious and opportunistic actions, rising to the rank of Warlord and eventually becoming one of the Four Emperors.

Buggy’s extraordinary accomplishments are the result of his ability to exploit a circumstance rather than his physical power. He is a competent combatant in spite of that.

He can divide his own body into entirely controllable pieces thanks to the abilities of Puzzle Puzzle Fruit, making him impervious to cutting strikes. After fooling his adversaries, he attacks them with knives and potent bombs (Buggy Balls and Muggy Balls).

8. Kuro

Kuro One Piece

The leader of the Black Cat Pirates was Kuro. By using the identity Klahadore to elude the Marine and trick Miss Kaya, he attempted to simulate his own arrest and execution in an effort to acquire her wealth. Kuro established himself as a smart tactician and a fearsome combatant. Only Benn Beckman was rated as having more intelligence than him in the entire East Blue division.

Kuro is a brutal and cold-blooded pirate that even his own subordinates dreaded. His hallmark move is the Stealth Foot, a fast, nearly undetected stealth maneuver. Kuro can rip adversaries apart by using his Cat Claws, a pair of bladed lights, in combination with his inherent mobility.

However, Luffy was the one who ultimately defeated him.

7. Sanji Vinsmoke

Sanji Vinsmoke

The Strawhat Pirates’ third-best warrior and cook is Sanji Vinsmoke. He was raised by Zeff, the proprietor of the Baratie Restaurant, who also taught him to fight, after rejecting his birth family in North Blue. Sanji wants to locate the All Blue, a fabled location where all the oceans merge into a single body of water. He is a martial artist who kicks his opponents just with his legs.

Despite being a skilled fighter and a knowledgeable person, Sanji loses his composure the moment he is around ladies. He had no trouble defeating Marine officer Fullbody in the Baratie arc, but Gin proved to be too much for him. Sanji, although fighting a portion of the battle underwater, dealt a devastating setback to Kurobi, one of Arlong’s commanders, in the subsequent Arlong Park Arc.

6. Gin

Gin One Piece

Gin, sometimes known as “Man-Demon,” is a pirate. He is the Krieg Pirates’ second-strongest member. Gin is fiercely devoted to Krieg, obeying all of his directives regardless of how vicious or ruthless they may be. He first experienced kindness from Sanji, who he met at the Baratie arc. This was why, despite Krieg’s orders, he couldn’t bring himself to kill him.

Gin is a particularly strong warrior by the standards of the East Blue Saga. Sanji was severely defeated by him because to his overwhelming strength and the fact that Pearl, Gin’s companion, had already battered him. He broke Pearl’s iron shield, which was reputed to be able to withstand cannonballs, which is another astounding achievement.

5. Don Krieg

Don Krieg

Don Krieg, a notorious pirate, commands the Krieg Pirates, a sizable fleet. He had Dracule Mihawk kill his naval force after he crossed the Grand Line. Because of this, Krieg went back to East Blue and attempted to take control of the Baratie to use it as his new ship. Nevertheless, Luffy was able to defeat him after a tense encounter, foiling his plans.

Krieg is an immoral, harsh, and dishonest person who lacks any sense of morality. He uses a variety of weaponry, making use of both brute force and the element of surprise, which he employs by using certain concealed weapons. Despite wearing his apparently very heavy golden wootz armor, Krieg is able to lift and wield his one-ton Great Battle Spear by himself, demonstrating his strong physical constitution.

4. Arlong

One Piece Arlong

Arlong, a sawshark fish-man, served as both the captain and a member of the Sun Pirates in the past. Fisher Tiger, his captain, died, and Arlong had no more compassion for people. He began to racketeer the locals in an effort to take over the East Blue. Arlong was the most powerful pirate in the East Blue until the Strawhats arrived.

Arlong is an aggressive fighter skilled in Fishman Karate, a style of combat that gives its user control over any nearby body of water. Even by fish-man standards, his physical power was incredible. Arlong’s jaws resemble those of a shark and are strong enough to break metal and crush stone.

He had such strength that he could take numerous blows from Luffy before finally losing it.

3. Roronoa Zoro

Roronoa Zoro

Luffy’s right-hand guy and the second-strengthiest member of the Strawhat Pirates is Roronoa Zoro. He wants to beat Dracule Mihawk and take the title of Strongest Swordsman in the World. Zoro was already highly known for his achievements as a bounty hunter throughout the entire East Blue before he joined the crew. He was known as the “Pirate Hunter” because of his fearsome combat skills and victories in conflict.

Zoro had impressive swordsmanship abilities from the start of the series. He also shown exceptional physical strength, speed, and endurance. Zoro was presented as a skilled combatant during the East Blue Saga, presumably on par with Luffy. He overcame Buggy’s second mate, Cabaji, who was fighting dirty, and the Marine captain Ax Hand Morgan with ease.

The Black Cat Pirates’ Buchi and Sham were defeated by Zoro in the following storyline. He later outclassed Hatchan of the Arlong Pirates despite being hampered by the horrific wounds Mihawk had previously inflicted on him. The fish-man hinted that the swordsman may have killed Zoro if he hadn’t been incapacitated by that horrific wound. Feverish and further weak, Zoro later lost against Arlong.

2. Monkey D. Luffy

Monkey D Luffy

The leader of the Straw Hat Pirates and their founder. To become the King of Pirates and locate the One Piece is Monkey D. Luffy’s goal. Despite being silly and weird, he has established himself as a superb warrior from the very start of the One Piece series. Luffy’s body exhibits rubber-like qualities because of the Gom-Gom Fruit, which will be identified later in the story as the Human-Human Model: Nika.

The brawler fighting style of Luffy is nicely complemented by his Devil Fruit abilities, which boost his speed, strength, and adaptability. He was strong enough to effortlessly slay a Sea King with a single punch even before he began his trip. Buggy the Clown was defeated by Luffy in Orange Town.

The two formidable East Blue leaders Kuro and Don Krieg were vanquished by Luffy in the ensuing arcs. He surpassed Arlong during the Arlong Park Arc, displaying strength much beyond the fish-man captain. Luffy had a fantastic East Blue streak during which he easily defeated every foe in his path.

Only his close right-hand man Roronoa Zoro and later Marine Captain Smoker were able to match his might.

1. Smoker

Smoker One Piece

Black Hunter Marine Vice Admiral Smoker. One of the final East Blue locations before reaching the Grand Line, Logue Town, is where Strawhats first encountered him. He was captain when he initially showed up. Smoker overpowered Luffy and took him prisoner, but Luffy eventually got away. Despite their growing rivalry, the two managed to maintain a high level of respect for one another throughout the entire series.

Smoker is a seasoned Marine who upholds his own set of moral standards. He possesses the abilities of the Smoke-Smoke, a rare Logia-class Devil Fruit that gives him the freedom to freely make and control smoke and even change his body into it. He is also quite skilled in using a jitte with a Seastone tip, which instantly renders Devil Fruit users vulnerable.

Smoker is the only adversary of Luffy’s in the East Blue Saga to have been victorious. Smoker soon subdued Luffy and was about to arrest him by using his Logia abilities. Had Luffy’s father, Monkey D. Dragon, not intervened and prevented his son from being arrested, he would have been successful.

Smoker is the only adversary of Luffy’s in the East Blue Saga to have been victorious. Smoker soon subdued Luffy and was about to arrest him by using his Logia abilities. Had Luffy’s father, Monkey D. Dragon, not intervened and prevented his son from being arrested, he would have been successful.

The pre-timeskip combat are regarded by many viewers as the most enjoyable in the entire One Piece series. Because Luffy, Zoro, and the others were inexperienced and had opportunity to develop, everything felt so cool and invigorating. With Strawhats’ earliest exploits, the East Blue Saga appears to be the beginning of this.

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