The first half of Spy x Family has been Finished, and I Have Some Thoughts

By the time this is published, most of the major anime series from the spring of 2022 have probably ended. Spy x Family, the season’s breakout star, has only completed the first half of its run.

This is probably to give the employees a little break before continuing in October. However, given that the season is coming to a conclusion, I believe that this is as good a moment as any to compile my views and make a list of my expectations for the next months.

The First Half Of Spy X Family Has Been Finished And I Have Some Thoughts

Summary of Spy x Family

For those who were unable to watch Spy x Family during the spring season, the story centers on Twilight, a spy for the Westalia government who has lately been assigned a crucial task: to assassinate a major politician from the neighboring Ostania.

He must pose as a regular family guy named Loid Forger, who lives with his “wife,” Yor Forger, and his adopted daughter Anya Forger and is unaware of his cover as a spy, in order to infiltrate one of the most prestigious schools in the nation.

Let me begin by stating that manga artist Tatsuya Endou is brilliant. Despite the fact that I have no knowledge of any of their prior works, the concept of Spy x Family is unquestionably the ideal illustration of straightforward but powerful narrative.

The McCarthy era and the Cold War are two significant historical periods that are referenced in the series. However, the show also manages to include a lot of humor along with its storyline about overthrowing radical governments and exploring what it means to be a family.

But Anya, who has essentially evolved into the program’s unofficial mascot, frequently serves as the focal point of that humor. Anya is concealing a secret of her own as well: she possesses the capacity to read the thoughts of others.

Her dynamic of knowing Loid and Yor’s secrets while maintaining their secrecy about her is made possible by this power, which is usually the subject of the funnier moments.

Yor in particular has a somewhat more…violent secret. When she’s not caring for Anya or working her regular job, Yor works as an assassin, essentially killing everybody who gets in her way.

In addition to being visually appealing, Yor’s character succeeds due to her developing bond with Anya, which frequently causes her to feel confused about her role as a killer.

The same is true of Twilight, who acknowledges near the start of the program that adopting Anya has rendered him less intelligent than he would be otherwise. Because of the necessity of switching between multiple identities required by his job, he has never been able to start a family on his own.

This is a fairly strong argument, and it gives viewers a reason to stay watching even when there are no new episodes to look forward to.

I have some thoughts after watching the first half of Spy x Family

In addition to having excellent characters and a compelling story, the show also has stunning visuals. From the busy city backgrounds to the brief bursts of action and battle that occur in most episodes, it is evident that great care has been taken to create an immersive experience.

In comparison to other shows, Spy x Family puts more love and care into its calmer moments.

Additionally, the soundtrack masterfully blends the vintage sounds of the 1950s with the suspenseful music of spy thrillers. Even though it would be difficult for me to choose a favorite song, I can at least state that I like all of the music that has so far been featured in the series.

A wonderful example of this is the beginning, which successfully combines these sounds while also giving it a pleasant, poppier image that works.

At this moment, the animation feels almost perfectly produced. Each and every narrative element is connected, and everyone is playing their part. My one dream for the future is actually for Yor.

I’m not sure if the series has effectively gotten to the core of her character despite how frequently she appears on screen. She also has a relationship with her brother Yuri, who does torture for the Ostanian military, which poses a severe threat to Loid’s job.

My only hope is that Yor’s character is given more attention at the conclusion of the second half and that this is not simply dismissed as a minor annoyance.

In all honesty, the same might be said about Anya as well, but that is not how empty her screen time feels. Due in part to the fact that she frequently dominates later episodes, but also because her mental process is more organized when she is reading someone’s mind, her inner life is much more present.


Overall, there aren’t many issues to be unhappy about. Spy x Family is a lighthearted and engaging series that appears to be developing a compelling plot. I will write a thorough review once the second half of the series is complete, but for the moment, here are my impressions.

Have you watched Spy x Family? What do you think of the series? Please tell me in the comments section.

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