Tokyo Revengers: 5 people who are important to Mikey (& 5 he loathes)

Friendships and bonds between people in Tokyo Revengers are like valuable treasures that must be kept safe at all costs. Mikey, the former leader of Toman, has stuck to this principle with all his heart.

Mikey may have had the biggest heart on the show before he gave in to his Dark urges and cut himself off from all kinds of relationships. But having a big heart could also mean that there is room for a lot of hatred.

In this list, we’ll look at five people who are very important to Mikey and five people he hates very much.

Draken and four other special people for Tokyo Revengers’ Mikey

1) Emma Sano


Mikey cares most about his family, which is why he would always watch out for his little sister Emma. She was a caring, kind, and a little naive girl who always tried to help and reassure the people around her, even when she was the one who was hurting.

Emma had a crush on Draken and tried to get his attention by flirting with other people. Draken, however, didn’t seem to mind. Still, she was always faithful to the person she loved and to Mikey, who she looked up to.

Emma’s death had a huge effect on Mikey. It was one of the few things in Tokyo Revengers that made him feel like he had no hope.

2) Draken

Draken Tokyo Revengers

Draken was not only Mikey’s second-in-command, but also his best friend, someone he could talk to, and the person who saved his life. Draken was always there for Mikey, even when Mikey didn’t want it.

Draken and Mikey were friends because they respected and admired each other, which Mikey was never afraid to show. Mikey pushed Draken away when he felt his Dark Impulses taking over. He did this to keep Draken safe.

3) Shinichiro San

Shinichiro Tokyo Revengers

Shinichiro was Mikey’s first hero and the person who inspired him the most when he was a child. He started the Black Dragons, which at the time was thought to be the most powerful gang. But Shinichiro didn’t want to steal or kill with his power. Instead, he wanted to help people. This is a goal that Mikey has kept for most of his life.

Mikey saw Shinichiro as a father figure, since their parents were usually busy and left the older Sano to take care of his younger siblings. Mikey went down a dark path after Shinichiro died, because he couldn’t stop the death of one of the people he loved the most.

4) Takemichi Hanagaki

Takemichi Hanagaki Tokyo Revengers

Before he met Takemichi, Mikey couldn’t find anyone who could replace Shinichiro in his heart. He was impressed by how determined and kind Takemichi was, so he asked him to be his friend. Since then, Takemichi has always been a bright spot in Mikey’s life.

Takemichi is the only one who can really stop Mikey from turning into a cruel and dark version of himself. Every time Takemichi leaves Toman, Mikey turns out to be a criminal or a killer. Takemichi is like Mikey’s new older brother who can help him when he doesn’t have the strength to go on.

5) Izana Kurokawa

Izana Kurokawa Tokyo Revengers

Mikey always thought of Izana as a member of his family, even though they were not related by blood. Both looked up to Shinichiro and tried to live their lives like he did. Still, when Shinichiro died, Izana broke down completely, and he went from loving his family to deeply hating them.

Even then, Mikey still cared about his adopted brother and wanted to save him from himself. After Izana died, Mikey felt like he was the only person left in the world. He had lost all the important people in his family. Mikey cared so much about his late brother Izana that he now wears his hair the same way he did when he was alive.

Mikey didn’t like Hanma and four other Tokyo Revengers characters.

1) South Terano

The head of the Rokuhara Tandai, South Terano, has the same Dark Impulses as Mikey. You might think that this would help Mikey understand South better, but he has nothing but hate in his heart for this criminal.

Mikey could see himself and his descent into darkness in South, which made him hate the man even more. Since Mikey was already his dark self when he fought South, the older gangster died in the fight.

2) Kisaki Tetta

Kisaki Tetta Tokyo Revengers

Kisaki was a Toman member for a long time, so Mikey looked out for him for most of the first part of Tokyo Revengers. But when Mikey found out what kind of person he really was, he kicked him out of the gang and started to dislike him.

After Kisaki killed Emma in cold blood, the dislike turned into a deep hatred. Mikey wanted to kill the person who had killed his sister, and he didn’t stop wanting to do so until the man was killed by a truck. Even so, Mikey probably won’t ever forgive Kisaki for what he did to Emma.

3) Shuji Hanma

Shuji Hanma Tokyo Revengers

Hanma is Kisaki’s best friend and closest confidant, which means that no matter what Kisaki did, Hanma would stick by him. This was shown when Kisaki was kicked out of Toman and Hanma left with Kisaki after giving up on the gang.

Mikey didn’t like Hanma before he found out he was directly responsible for Emma’s death. Hanma might be in Mikey’s Kanto Manji Gang, but Mikey doesn’t seem to care at all about the boy. Mikey’s strange behavior at that point in the story is likely the only reason he is a member.

4) Masataka Kiyomizu

Masataka Kiyomizu Tokyo Revengers

Masata used to be in the gang Toman, but he was kicked out and started his own group. When we first met him, he was in charge of a fighting ring where he forced weaker students to fight for his amusement.

Mikey doesn’t like people who look strong but only use other people, so he quickly got rid of Masata. After Masata came back and tried to kill Takemichi and Draken, Mikey started to hate the boy with all his heart.

5) Nobutaka Osanai

Nobutaka Osanai Tokyo Revengers

Nobutaka was the eighth leader of Moebius. He was cruel and overconfident, and he used his power to scare other people. Mikey met him after he hurt his best friend Pah-chin very badly.

Without warning, Mikey gave Osanai a single kick that sent him tumbling to the ground. As we’ve already said, Mikey hates it when people try to look tougher than they are by picking on someone weaker than they are. He hates it even more when his friends are being picked on.

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