Top 10 breathing styles in Demon Slayer and their users, ranked from weakest to strongest

In the world of Demon Slayer, if a human who hasn’t been trained well enough meets a demon, they will die. So, people who protect people from these bloodthirsty creatures need to improve their sword skills and learn how to breathe in a certain way called “Total Concentration Breathing.”

Doing this makes them much stronger, which makes it more likely that they can kill the demons. The Demon Slayer Corps has taught a lot of breathing styles so far, but some styles may often show that they are better when it comes to swordsmanship styles.

So stay with us while we figure out how powerful these techniques and their users are and rank them based on that.

Wind Breathing and 9 other breathing styles in Demon Slayer, as well as their users, are ranked

#10 Sound Breathing – Tengen Uzui

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Tengen got the idea for Sound Breathing from Thunder Breathing. To do it perfectly, he uses his ninja skills and advanced techniques like Echolocation and Musical Score. Demons take a lot of damage from this style, which is based on how sound works and uses tools and Tengen’s speed to do it.

Tengen’s skills are not in question because he took on Gyutaro and Daki and was almost as good as them. During the time he was working on Sound Breathing, he also used explosives and nun-chucks in battle.

Tengen fought hard against Gyutaro and Daki, and in the end, his arm was cut off. So, Tengen and his Sound Breathing are seen as less powerful than those of other Hashiras who have done much more.

#9 Serpent Breathing – Obanai Iguro

Tsnv Iguro Obanai

Serpent Breathing is a part of Obanai’s swordsmanship that is based on the way snakes move and how smart they are at staying alive. As the Serpent Hashira, he moves his twisted sword in a way that looks like a snake slithering.

Serpent Breathing has a lot of benefits that go well with the way Water Breathing works and is also a result of Water Breathing. In the manga, all five confirmed forms of Serpent Breathing were shown, and it seems like the forms are indirect and flow together. But this breathing technique could slow down the speed of an attack, which is a bad thing.

#8 Mist Breathing – Muichiro Tokito

Demon Slayer Who Is Muichiro Tokito The Mist Hashira Article Image

Mist Breathing’s quick and unique moves imitate the way mist makes things hard to see, and Muichiro Tokito is the only person who is known to use it. He hits his opponent quickly and effectively to make them feel like they are surrounded by the confusion of Mist.

Muichiro is a direct descendant of Upper Rank One Kokushibo, so he has a lot of talent. He was good enough with a sword that he could become a hashira in just two months.

He has not only learned all the forms of Mist Breathing, but he has also added one of his own. Because he had a hard childhood, he is often blunt and only cares about himself, but his skill with a sword is where he really shines.

#7 Wind Breathing – Sanemi Shinazugawa

Sanemi Shinazugawa Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba

The 9 known types of Wind Breathing were all inspired by storms and whirlwinds. One of the few good things about using the Wind Breathing technique is that it lets them use the air around them to attack their opponents. But most uses of this technique are offensive, so the swordsman must be quick on his feet to make up for it.

Sanemi is a swordsman with a quick temper and a tendency to act on impulse. When it comes to killing demons, he does not waste time. He is a master at Wind Breathing because of how fast and quick-witted he is.

Sanemi did make it through the final battle, but Wind Breathing is weaker than other Breathing styles because it doesn’t have defense.

#6 Thunder Breathing – Zenitsu Agatsuma

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The core of Thunder Breathing would be just what it sounds like: moving and attacking very quickly. It takes advantage of the user’s lightning-fast speed to destroy enemies in seconds.

Zenitsu, a cowardly demon slayer who is a real threat when asleep, is one of the most interesting people to use Thunder Breathing. Zenitsu then makes the 7th form of Thunder Breathing so he can fight his former senior, Kaigaku, who embarrassed him and his master by working with Muzan.

Thunder Breath is probably easy to stop for a skilled opponent because it is hard to understand and has no forms.

#5 Flame Breathing – Kyojuro Rengoku

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With Flame Breathing, enemies are cut down by the unpredictable and fierce nature of flames. Since it’s one of the closest techniques to Sun Breathing, you can’t question how well it works against demons.

Rengoku has a lot of potential as the Flame Hashira because he has also mastered the ninth form of Flame Breathing, which only his family can do. Rengoku kept up with Akaza by using this fierce technique, but because his body was mortal, he died from his wounds before he could feel the glory of victory.

At night, demons always have the upper hand, and if Akaza had been just a little bit late, the fight between them could have gone very differently. But it is true that Akaza’s strength and ability to heal himself beat Rengoku’s skill at Flame Breathing.

#4 Water Breathing – Giyu Tomioka

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Water’s ability to move, change shape, and adapt is a big part of how Water Breathing came to be. To move their swords in a smooth way, swordsmen would have to be quick and flexible. Water Breathing has 10 forms, and Giyu made an 11th one. This shows how adaptable you are.

Giyu was right behind Urokodaki, who was one of the best Water Breathing users. Akaza was surprised and impressed by how fast, strong, and able to keep going he was.

Even though Giyu did well in his fight against Akaza, fans think he is not as good as they thought he would be. During his fight with Akaza, Tanjiro did most of the work, leaving Giyu in the background.

#3 Stone Breath – Gyomei Himejima

Main Qimg Beabeaadafeded Lq

Stone Breathing is known for using the swordsman’s surroundings and the ground beneath him. This makes for powerful blows and solid strikes that work well both offensively and defensively.

Himejima is known as the most difficult of the nine Hashira. Because of how strong he is, he was able to keep a demon away until sunrise by just using his strength. His weapon is also one of a kind. It looks like an ax that is chained to a flail. Even though he has been blind from birth, his work and reputation speak for themselves.

Himejima was a big part of Kokushibo’s defeat, and even though he tried hard, he could not keep up with Muzan’s power and died from his wounds.

#2 Moon Breathing – Kokushib

Who Is Kokushibo In Demon Slayer

Moon Breathing has 16 different forms, but the only thing that stays the same is the shape of a crescent moon. Being as close as possible to Sun Breathing, only a few living things in the Demon Slayer universe, like Yoiriichi, can challenge its power.

Yoriichi Tsugikuni, who is known as the strongest Demon Slayer in history, is Kokushibo’s twin brother. He was always jealous of his brother, who seemed to be born knowing how to use a sword well. When he couldn’t get the hang of Sun Breathing, he made up his own way to fight and called it Moon Breathing.

Kokushibo was able to keep up with the Stone, Mist, and Wind Hashiras with his powerful Moon Breathing technique.

#1 Sun Breathing – Yoriichi Tsugikuni

Yoriichi Tsugikuni

People say that sun breathing was the first and strongest breathing technique ever. If the swordsman completely masters this way of breathing, it can’t be beaten.

Sun breathing doesn’t follow a set pattern, and it can be very hard to learn. Yoriichi changed Sun Breathing to fit the strengths and weaknesses of each of his students. This is how all the other techniques came to be.

So, we can only guess what a beast Yoriichi was when he was at his best. He once beat Muzan, which is a big deal in and of itself. People think of him as the best swordsman ever, and his feats are legendary.

As the date for Season 3 of the anime Demon Slayer gets closer, the story and characters of the show are getting more and more attention. There are many different kinds of characters in the anime, and the overall mood goes from funny to very serious. Fans keep arguing among themselves, even though it’s still not clear which character or way of breathing is better. These conversations are fun, and the community would really like more of them.

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