Top 10 Naruto characters who have lost everyone’s respect

In the Naruto universe, you have to be a strong, moral, and motivated person to become a Shinobi. Ninjas are among the most revered persons in this universe due to the inherent danger associated with their line of work and the moral principles that the majority of Shinobis uphold.

However, as numerous characters in the series demonstrate, not everyone who becomes a ninja succeeds in becoming a reputable part of their community. These ten Naruto characters—listed from the one who lost the least respect to the one who lost the most—have done something that has caused them to lose the respect that comes with being a Shinobi.

Top 10 Naruto characters who have lost everyone’s respect

10) Kiba Inuzuka

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One of the oldest and most revered families in Konoha is the Inuzuka clan. Most people enjoy having its members around because they are typically excellent Shinobi. Then there is Kiba, who does little to promote the Inuzuka clan’s honor.

Kiba was merely a conceited youngster who wouldn’t acknowledge his inferiority. Even though he wasn’t even in the top ten when it came to power, Kiba was continuously boasting about his might for the majority of the series. Due to his immature actions, he lost all the respect he gained by competing against Naruto in the Chunin examinations.

9) TenTen


The Kunoichi who lost the respect of fans the fastest was definitely Tenten. Fans thought she would be a great fighter when she first appeared because she was on a team with two superb ninjas, Lee and Neji. When she had to battle Temari, they discovered that all the hoopla had been for nothing.

Tenten has likely lost to every opponent she has ever fought, making her the Konoha 11’s weakest member. In addition, she is one of the least skilled Kunoichi because we are aware of her inability to learn new skills, such as medical ninjutsu.

8) Ebisu

Ebisu Naruto

The Jonin of Konoha serve as both an example of strength and a positive influence on the village’s youth. Because of this, you might anticipate that the Shinobi who attained this rank are among the greatest ninjas to have ever lived. Even though the majority of them are indeed incredible fighters, there are some, like Ebisu, who dropped his first match to a Genin who had just graduated.

Ebisu is the kind of person that exaggerates his skills and tells everyone how magnificent he is, just to let them down after watching him engage in combat. Throughout the series, Ebisu did little more than make himself look bad, which made his followers lose what little respect they still had for him.

7) Ino Yamanaka

Ino Yamanaka

Even the author of Naruto has acknowledged that writing women is difficult, hence the program is not well renowned for its fantastic female characters. Ino Yamanaka, a young woman with some of the series’ strongest Jutsus whose entire persona focuses around cute boys, is a great illustration of this.

Ino was initially depicted as being just another Sasuke fangirl. She was more concerned with her appearance than with her fitness and personal development. Ino had changed after the time jump, and fans were happy to find that she was no longer fixated on Sasuke.

It was quite disheartening that their euphoria didn’t last much longer than a few episodes before Ino switched from being a Sasuke fangirl to becoming Sai’s biggest supporter.

6) Rasa

Rasa Naruto

In Naruto, the Kages make a commitment to always protect the residents of their villages, even if it means sacrificing their own life to do it. The worst example of a Kage behavior is Rasa, the fourth Kazekage.

In order to turn his infant son into a living weapon, he not only sealed the one-tailed beast inside of him; when his experiment was declared a failure, he also attempted to murder him. Without even attempting to defend himself, he was slaughtered by Orochimaru in an almost ludicrous manner. Rasa’s terrible life choices caused him to lose all the respect that comes with being a Kage.

5) Sasuke Uchiha

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Sasuke has very few, if any, redeemable characteristics for the most of Naruto. In order to gain power, he betrayed his buddies. He also changed his mind about killing his brother and tried to destroy Konoha. Sasuke frequently attempted to place the blame for his actions on others and took his frustrations out on anyone.

Fans thought Sasuke had matured and was prepared to change for the better during the Fourth Ninja War. Sasuke immediately declared that he wanted to kill every Kage, demonstrating that he had not grown or changed from the pampered brat he had been at the beginning of the series.

4) Kabuto Yakushi

Kabuto Yakushi Naruto

Without Kabuto’s assistance, Naruto and his group could never have succeeded in the Chunin examinations. Kabuto first gave off the impression of being merely a lovely and amiable young Konoha Genin who wished nothing more than to aid his fellow ninjas. He later came to light as Orochimaru’s spy and a clear sociopath.

Even for his tutor, Kabuto had no regard for human life. Nothing could have foreseen the disappointment he would become; fans already despised him for his disgusting personality. As soon as Sasuke and Itachi arrived on the scene, Kabuto had transformed from a menacing foe into an Orochimaru clone. One of the series’ biggest disappointments, in fact.

3) Orochimaru


Few people in Naruto’s world are unaware of Orochimaru because he is one of the three legendary Sanin. Orochimaru was one of Naruto’s greatest enemies ever; he was icy, calculating, and utterly evil. Fans’ spines tingled at the mention of his name alone.

Sadly, Orochimaru evolved from being a fantastic antagonist to a mere plot device as the series went on. He was repeatedly killed, only to make subsequent reappearances whenever the story required him. Fans detested how a once-dominant villain was reduced to a supporting role who achieved absolutely nothing after being restored.

2) Sakura Haruno

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One of the least admired characters in the whole of Naruto is definitely Sakura. In addition to numerous other incidents that gradually caused her to lose everyone’s respect, this is primarily because of her obsession with Sasuke.

When it comes down to it, Sakura is just a really angry person with an unhealthy attachment with a boy who has never loved her. Sakura would probably be beating Naruto senseless if she weren’t raving about how much she loves the Uchiha. Fans seem unlikely to ever respect Sakura, either as a Kunoichi or a person.

1) Hiruzen Sarutobi

Hiruzen Sarutobi

No character in the Naruto universe is treated with as much contempt by the fanbase as Hiruzen, despite how awful most of the others on this list are. Due to his apathetic demeanor and terrible choices, Hiruzen is despised by a lot of people and is regarded as the worst Hokage.

He undoubtedly acted with the best of intentions, yet the majority of the time, he did Konoha and its residents great harm. He did nothing to placate the Uchiha family, neglected Naruto, and allowed Danzo to gain a sizable fan base. Fans had great regard for Hiruzen at the start of the series, and they will never have that respect again.


Although being a Shinobi earns you immense respect and adoration from your peers in Naruto’s world, it is also quite simple to lose that regard. A lot of ninjas make terrible mistakes because they are unprepared for the magnitude of their obligations.

Depending on the decisions they make in the program, a character who once may have excited fans may suddenly turn out to be a letdown. Many Naruto characters need to understand that respect is something that must be earned.

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