Who is Asa Mitaka in Chainsaw Man Part 2?

Chainsaw Man part 2 started with the release of the 98th chapter of the series, which fans loved. The boring and funny first half of the issue gets even better when the author and artist Tatsuki Fujimoto’s classic ballad of madness and violence starts up all of a sudden.

One thing that was missing from the first issue was the main character, Denji, and his friends who were still alive. Instead, the issue focuses on a new character named Asa Mitaka, who looks like she will play a huge role in the series.

Follow along as this article goes over everything we know about Asa Mitaka from Chainsaw Man part 2.


Asa Mitaka from Chainsaw Man part 2 debut is so exciting that fans are overjoyed.

Who is Asa Mitaka?

As was already said, the first chapter of Chainsaw Man part 2 chose to focus on the new character Asa Mitaka instead of the main character Denji and his friends. By the end of the issue, the new character seems to be thrust into a bad guy role, but a lot can be learned about her from these pages.

In her first scene, she shows how much she hates Bucky, the Chicken Devil, whom her high school class keeps as a pet. When she sees the Devil, she wishes for him to die, and her classmates tell the reader that both of her parents were eaten by a Devil at some point.

She seems to be grumpy and unhappy most of the time, and she seems to have a problem with everything her friends do, from crowding halls and bathrooms to kissing on stairwells. She seems to like her class president, but she says that she doesn’t see the point of having friends.

Asa also seems to hate her homes very much. She says the city is corrupt and points out that the mayor has a DUI and Chainsaw Man is “playing Devil Hunter.” She also says that she wishes Chainsaw Man and Bucky would “hurry up and die,” which shows how much she doesn’t like Devils. This is likely because of the death of her parents.

She is also shown to be cold and angry most of the time in the issue, and she chooses not to talk to her classmates. Asa is shown to be a loner in one panel, when Bucky is spared and the rest of her class runs outside to play soccer, but she stays inside and sits in the dark to think.

She does go outside in the end, but she tells her teacher that she’s at school to learn, not to make friends. But Bucky’s love for her had a big effect on her, and she realized that she was jealous of her classmates because they had friends.

Even though this doesn’t last, the bad things that happen next help us learn more about her. After she accidentally kills Bucky, she shows that she is very careful and aware of how her classmates see her.

In a telling scene, she and the class president and their teacher, Mr. Tanaka, cross the street late at night when there are no cars around. Asa waits for the crossing light to turn green even though the streets are empty. This makes the class president call her a “goody-two-shoes” who “always does this.”

When the class president turns into a Justice Fiend, the three friends’ trip quickly turns violent, and Asa dies. In her last moments, she says that it makes her happy to know that she didn’t kill Bucky. She also finds comfort in the fact that the president of her class is jealous of her and that she could have had a better life.

Even though Asa’s story doesn’t end here, the fact that the War Devil took over her seems to show that the War Devil is in charge. So, that’s all we know about this new, very mysterious character in Chainsaw Man part 2.

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